I was reminded the other day that you actually used to be able to use Twitter through text messages.

Like, there was this whole system through which you could send tweets using special codes via SMS. It’s hard to remember now why that would have been, but it probably has something to do with the fact that back when Twitter launched, having a stable and ubiquitous mobile app wasn’t such an easy thing to achieve.

In any case, that functionality is gone now, but the spirit of it lives on. That spirit that says no matter where we are, no matter what we’re doing, we need to be able to tweet, and to enjoy the tweets of others, otherwise we might miss out of gems like these.

14. A dash of love

When you’re both hungry AND thirsty.

13. Strut your stuff

“Go home pigeons, this is fancy bird town.”

12. See? Sure.

The market is literally flooded there Susie, take your product somewhere where demand outweighs supply.

11. Muscle man

Thanks, I now have a new thing to have nightmares about.

10. Van man

Hey that was me for a while!

9. Neat trick

It’s true. Nobody knows why, but it’s true.

8. Raise a glass

Ironic that 2020, the year the glasses were perfect, was the worst new year ever.

7. Ice cold

I can feel the pain in this image.

6. The conundrum

You really feel like a king for that brief moment.

5. True enough

When you’re absolutely determined not to learn from your mistakes.

4. From the mouths of babes

And then everyone stood up and clapped.

3. The perfect choice

Pop culture really stopped making sense a while ago.

2. Surround sound

Do you coordinate that through some shared calendar app or?

1. Waffle around

Somebody get the secretary of transportation on the line.

Check back soon for more great tweets!

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