Check out these wizards of logic.

They will rule the world one day because their opinions, while unpopular, are so on point.

14. 1000% true

13. Especially honey glazed! Yum!

12. Well, this guy nailed tomatoes to the wall once and for all!

11. Creamy goodness form the sea!

10. Shots. Fired.

9. Too soon?

8. You are the only one.

7. Does it?

6. Ohhhh realllllyyyy????

5. This man tells the truth!

4. They’ve got all those friends!

3. 1,000,000% this!

2. Those snorts!

1. It’s true. Just be a god d*mned human being.

Alright, you may not have agreed with ALL of those, but some gems were in there for sure.

Right? Are you with me on this?

Hope so.

Or we’re not friends.