As a kid I was borderline obsessed with recording things. I was into multimedia endeavors in a big way. I had my tape recorders, my family’s giant camcorder, and some fairly primitive software to play around with as well.

The upside of this is that I have a TON of preserved record of my childhood with all of my tastes and attempts at expression.

The downside of this is that I have a TON of preserved record of my childhood with all of my tastes and attempts at expression.

Most of it is, how do I put this, the cringiest cringe that ever cringed. And I’m genuinely torn between burning it all in a fire and backing it up forever because of my previously mentioned obsession with all things multimedia.

Maybe I should just dump it all on r/blunderyears like these Reddit people did.

14. Apology accepted

“My name is Kate and I’m here to say /
I’m unwittingly problematic in a major way…”

I’m sorry guys, I was like 9 and loved rap. I truly apologize. from blunderyears

13. Baby bat

Hey, at least it looks like you’re having fun.

Baby bat me was something else huh… from blunderyears

12. Mood swinging

What really sells this is the editing.

I have no words to explain my younger self from blunderyears

11. Ashlee Simpson phase

Yo, you had a blitz phone?

At a sleepover with my blitz phone during my Ashlee Simpson phase circa 2008 from blunderyears

10. The death of MySpace

Wait? What’s Stickam? [Googling intensifies.]

My last MySpace photo, probably getting ready to login into Stickam. The streaks are plastic hair clip ins. from blunderyears

9. Official Campion

You’re the real winner here, friend.

Feeling confident AF in my Reign Man sneakers, official Champion Charlotte Hornets game shorts, and a polo shirt for added grown-up sophistication from blunderyears

8. Grunge phase

“Yeah, I’ve seen some stuff. Like water. And rocks. And picturesque pastel riverlines.”

I went through my grunge phase when I was 7 from blunderyears

7. Absolutely br00tal

Stay away from this kid, he WILL hit you with that guitar.
Because he can’t see a f*ckin’ thing.

br00tal ’09 core kid reporting for duty from blunderyears

6. The whole package

Hollister at ya boy.

Circa 2006 – freshman year of high school. Hollister shirt, Hollister necklace, and I would straighten my hair. from blunderyears

5. Hottest cowgirl fashion

Yeehaw to you, young lady!

The year is 1993, I am fresh from the salon with the $50 perm I begged my mom for, and JCPennys hottest cowgirl fashion (look it up sweaty). from blunderyears

4. Ride it

They’re both just like “Who is this? Why is this happening?”

Me and flo rida. I did not listen to flo rida. from blunderyears

3. Embrace it

You look like a character in a Fry & Laurie sketch, my guy.

I had embraced my nerdy outcast status and went to school like this, sadly the trench coat was soon banned after ’99 from blunderyears

2. Recent developments

This kid crawled so that Insta selfies could run.

Got a disposable camera as a child and decided to take a selfie. I was very pleased with it after getting it developed. from blunderyears

1. Totally subline

Rock on!

Sublime shirt: check. Bandana: check. Self awareness: not found from blunderyears

In the end, the only thing we have to cringe is cringe itself.

What was your past self like?

Tell us about ’em in the comments.