It’s funny – for a generation that’s as instagtantly nostalgic as mine is, we rarely actually wanna look at what we were like back in the day.

Because the past, by and large, is not pretty. Though it is frequently hilarious.

Enter a fascinating rabbit hole on Reddit called r/blunderyears, where people voluntarily post relics of their own cringey past that they may be mourned and celebrated communally.

Let us enter the zone now, and try to survive.

13. Guess who?

I’ll tell ya who still probably didn’t know: that boy.

Guess which boy I liked
byu/zoitberg inblunderyears

12. Choice

Look,, we all make choices.

15yo me, I thought this outfit was choice.
byu/paintforthepoor inblunderyears

11. Done

“I’m just old for my age, you wouldn’t understand.”

I was 100% done with life at the age of 4.
byu/missnewjulia inblunderyears

10. Phase out

Got some serious rawr XD energy going on here.

Thankfully, it WAS a phase mom.
byu/laufree93 inblunderyears

9. Bang bang

Nevermind that, the rest of your hair is trying to escape.

1989… I cut my own bangs for picture day
byu/jacksonrebecca inblunderyears

8. What a performance!

Who doesn’t love the utility of a good fanny pack?

1992, the peak of my theatre kid years.
by inblunderyears

7. Beat that

If that kid wasn’t drowning in ladies I’d be shocked.

[deleted by user]
by inblunderyears

6. Sticking together

Ah yes, I remember these.

Duct tape prom, why did I think this was a good idea
byu/karmenthegreat inblunderyears

5. Danger zone!

It’s hardly fair, there’s one of me, and yet only four of me.

Four times the danger….
byu/DavevaD inblunderyears

4. Taste the difference

Why does he look like he just caught those drums from horseback?

The days when I was a performing Pepsi can.
byu/Buttpirate666 inblunderyears

3. Blunderbuss

Hanson in a very alternate reality.

My three brothers. Three times the blunder.
by inblunderyears

2. Eye see you

“Nice try God, I’ll take it from here.”

At 15, I thought if I shaved my eyebrows off it would be easier to make them symmetrical. For this heinous act, I am sorry.
byu/k8ekath inblunderyears

1. Oh brother

I…kind of need to hear this immediately.

Found this at a friends house. Her little brothers made a rap album when they were younger
by inblunderyears

If heartwarming cringe could be converted to electricity, this page could power a city.

What were your blunder years like? What did you wear? What did you do for fun?

Tell us all about them in the comments.