The word “pleasure” is so thoroughly linked with sexuality at this point that it almost sounds dirty in and of itself, but of course there are pleasures and joys that have nothing to do with doing the deed, and those are the ones that Reddit user neeluxmth26 was curious about:

What is the best non-sexual pleasure or sensation a human can experience?
byu/neeluxmth26 inAskReddit

Let’s get ready to feel good.

1. You’ve arrived!

Arriving early to pick up my grandkid (F7) who I (M61) had not seen in months, she spotted me in the hall outside her 2nd grade classroom, With a squeal of glee, she blurted out, “My grandpa’s here! My grandpa’s here!”

Her joy was very evident. Yeah, that stayed with me.


2. Really listen.

Having someone sincerely listen to the playlist you put on.

– FridayOakafor

3. It keeps going!

Having a 3 day weekend and waking up on that Saturday realizing you still have two more days off.

– The12thman94

4. Tis better.

Seeing someone happy with the gift you gave them.

– captainstyles

5. Animal friends!

A dog or cat or just a fluffy, non threatening animal coming up to you and cuddling you until you can’t breath.

– Yes_Usecorectspeling

6. Let it flow.

Tingles from listening to some good music

– bee-sting

7. Peace and quiet.

Silence. Just go to an area with no civilization whatsoever and sit.

No expectations, obligations or unnecessary needs.

– RedditerRetidder2

8. Getting baked.

The smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls

– chacarrone

9. A guffaw!

Uncontrollable laugh ?

– proximargb

10. True connection.

Having a conversation with someone who’s genuinely interested in what you have to say

– Darth_Itachi88

11. But wait, there’s more!

Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have 5 hrs more to sleep.

– Ichthyologist

12. The best part of waking up.

First sip of coffee when you wake up on vacation

– swayybe

13. Reciprocation.


Long ago in a relationship -I said something awkward that revealed my feelings but not directly and the response was ‘I love you too stupid, let’s go get some coffee’

– myWillIsMyExile

14. That special something.

I joined a band right out of high school about a decade ago. Every single show we played, it wasn’t the nerves that made me light headed on stage, it was the buzz the crowd gives you. The tingles of slamming in a perfect transition to a breakdown and watching people that have never heard your songs jump in the pit and start dancing.

You did that. They’re enjoying themselves to YOUR talents. F*cking mint experience. I’ve been chasing that high for years with different projects, but haven’t set boots on a stage for 9 years.

– Falkuria

15. One last story…

So, I was having a really crappy Christmas day. Had to go to work, family wasn’t really feeling Christmas like we normally do, and I didn’t even plan a meal like I normally do.

As I am finally leaving work, a coworker is flagging me down in the parking garage. I stop and it turns out he has just locked his car keys in his trunk and had no way to get them out.

He is a generally slightly angry guy, but not a bad guy by any means. Now he has to call his wife (who is waiting for him to pick her up to go do their christmas activities) that he has locked himself out of his car. She is upset, he is upset, they are both angry. He tells me I can go ahead and go. I tell him I won’t leave him like that.

I finally get a wire coat hanger and manage to pull his trunk handle inside the car. The car blazing it’s “I am being assaulted” alarm of glory.

I look up and this always grumpy 50 year old man, has the giddy smile of a child on Christmas morning!

That smile changed my entire day, which also changed my whole families day. All because I stopped to helped a grumpy coworker with his problem.

To me, that is the best feeling.

– going_full_turbo

Here’s to the little pleasures in life – may we all have more of them!

What would you add to this list?

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