At the time of writing, we’re part way through 2020. Know what that means? That means that the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment was closer to the year 1990 than we currently are. 1990 was 30. Years. Ago. For those of us who had formative years in that decade, that’s a pretty weird pill to swallow, and it’s made all the weirder when we see something from that era that we don’t even realize we had forgotten until it appears on our radar again.

People love to share these bits of nostalgia on various platforms, and it’s easy to see why. They spread like wildfire, and they fill our confused little hearts with conflicting emotions and a desire to go dust off old Nintendos. Here are 15 things from the past that just might jog your memory!

15. Major laser

Before they were relegated to the realm of cat toys, laser pointers were an amazing bit of futuristic technology that allowed every kid to be the worst neighbor ever in one easy step.

14. Solitaire and solitude

I’m still not convinced anyone actually knows how to play Minesweeper.

13. Skip it

This is what we liked to call “the ankle destroyer.”

12. I gotchu

We had “virtual pets” consisting of about 9 pixels. We loved them right up until we neglected them to death.

11. Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Fun fact, Polaroid actually does not recommend you shake their instant photos. Polaroid can also go shut up.

10. Click clack

Three decades and I still couldn’t possibly tell you what these are for, but we all had them.

9. Spy games

Before texting, we had to get creative with our covert communication.

8. Fish squishes

I was always absolutely sure I was gonna break these. Whatever they are.

7. Da bomb

To be fair, I’m pretty sure these are still all over the place around the 4th of July. Even with the same packaging, maybe.

6. Clown around

How is that thing not RIDDLED with holes?

Beach ball from McD’s, circa 1987
byu/Pfunk4444 innostalgia

5. Precision

Mechanical pencils were a game changer right up until we realized they suck.

Pencil lead cartridges
byu/szlr innostalgia

4. One to rule them all

It’s all fun and games until it flies off and hits your sister in the face.

Old School fidget spinner
byu/HawkeyeBubber innostalgia

3. PS I love you

The original Playstation was the first game console in history to sell over 100 million units.

Who had a set up like this?
byu/JxhnG ingaming

2. Hurts so good

These were MINUTES of fun!

This was the thing in elementary school before yoyos.
byu/moosetacoz in90s

1. Smells like pre-teen spirit

Mistakes never felt so good.

Scented erasers
byu/Scaulbylausis innostalgia

I’m pretty sure I had all of these at some point or another, though many have gone the way of garage sales and dump trucks. Ah well. At least their images are preserved on these fine internets of ours, for the sake of us and our posterity.

What’s something else that could go on this list?

Remind us in the comments.