For many of us, the idea of a paternity test has been reduced to a sort of “You are NOT the father!” Maury-style-daytime-talk-show meme. A punchline, almost.

But for many, dealing with these things is a harsh reality; and there’s pretty much never been an instance where one is required that didn’t have some strongly negative feelings surrounding it.

So, jokes aside, what are the people who find themselves involved in these tests really thinking about? Here are 15 contributions from real people on the subject.

15. “I will never be again”

Even asking is such an enormous display of distrust – how do you come back from that?

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14. “Part of me…”

17? Oof. Buddy, this is a good thing for you.

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13. “Behind my back”

There are no winners here.

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12. “I forgave him too easily”

What kind of man walks out like that?

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11. “It’s awkward to be together”

Well OBVIOUSLY you’re still bitter.

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10. “I have no idea”

No test is perfectly accurate…

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9. “He shouldn’t pay”

Is this being done out of kindness or coercion?

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8. “Everyone has an opinion”

Not to make light of a bad situation but isn’t this the plot of Mama Mia?

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7. “I still resent them for this”

Why would in-laws get involved?

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6. “Do I tell my son?”

If you raise the child, biology is irrelevant at that point.

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5. “Not fully related”

Imagine keeping these kinds of secrets.

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4. “I don’t know how to tell him”

If you’re going to go through with something like this, you’d better have a plan for how to deal with the outcome.

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3. “I’ve never been so happy”

Sometimes you just dodge a bullet.

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2. “He doesn’t know”

Sometimes, it’s better not to know.

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1. “We have 2 children together”

How would something like this eat away at your heart?

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Practicing responsible sex, staying faithful, honesty, openness…these things can prevent a lot of heartache. But there’s also so much chaos in human relationships. If you’ve found yourself hurting because of a situation like this, stay strong. Here’s to you.

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