Our nation’s greatest poet Freddy Mercury once said, “Fat bottom girls, you make the rockin’ world go round.” What exactly he meant by that is still being studied by scholars to this day, but catchy-as-hell songs aside, what’s it really like to navigate this world as a bigger woman? How does it affect, for instance, your relationships?

That’s the topic in focus for these 15 anonymously submitted perspectives on being plus sized in the dating world.

15. Skinny envy

I feel this way next to pretty much any human being.

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14. Beauty is everywhere

Good. 🙂

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13. Compare and contrast

It sounds like maybe this is a conversation that’s really unhelpful to keep having.

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12. Peer pressure

What kind of garbage people would…

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11. Go cowgirl

If there weren’t some way in which it was super awkward, would it even be considered sex?

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10. Soft touch

These two found the right match.

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9. Subconscious fears

We can be our own worst enemies.

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8. Settle down

Why people feel the need to come in with these opinions is beyond me.

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7. Here’s the skinny

Remember: if you try to outdo skin and bones you’ll literally die.

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6. Weigh it out

“Self hatred helps nothing”

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5. Get your kicks

Your hate amuses me.

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4. Pity party

Sounds super manipulative…

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3. Scents and sensibility

Aw, that’s really sweet.

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2. Judging eyes

People are the worst.

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1. Oh, baby

Can’t tell if very romantic or weirdly old-style misogyny.

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Life’s not easy all the time for any of us. We at least deserve to be happy with the people we choose, and anyone who’s got something to say about that because of something as trivial as a difference in body size really doesn’t need to be a part the conversation.

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