Let’s talk about talking. Specifically, the “talking” phase of a dating relationship. It’s sort of hard to define what it even is, but the general consensus is that it’s the part where a couple of people haven’t really committed to each other in any concrete way, but are clearly interested and getting to know each other.

It has a very sweet sort of sound to it, and some people really love it. Others, however, fear it, or see it as a sort of frustrating no-man’s-land. Here are 10 various opinions on just how great or awful “talking” truly is.

10. Cling sting

How much of myself do I put into this?

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9. What a waste

To be fair, this can be true of ANY stage of a relationship.

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8. Dropped call

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt a lot.

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7. Bugs in the belly

Sometimes it’s the little things that are magic.

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6. Big talk / small talk

Once you know someone, is there more to stick around for?

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5. Make an exit

The fear is real.

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4. One and only

It’s literally impossible to keep up with the rules.

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3. The long game

If you’ve been hurt, this phase can take forever.

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2. Getting used

Some would argue that once sex enters the picture, you really can’t call it “talking” anymore.

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1. Freedom isn’t free

I suppose I get the point though it feels a little odd to hear.

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It’s tough to talk talking. But if we don’t talk about how we feel about the feelings we have during talking, how will we know what to talk about once we stop talking and start feeling? …wait, sorry, I confused myself.

What are your opinions on the “talking” phase?

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