According to information gathered by statistica, upwards of 70% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day, with 2% admitting to a staggering daily intake of 11 cups or more.

Now, you might be nodding along and saying to yourself “yup, that sounds right,” or perhaps you feel now that your own caffeine addiction doesn’t seem so extreme. Either way, you’re probably gonna enjoy these memes.

15. So confused

Come on man, get a life.

14. The perfect balance

Better think it over with some coffee.

13. For freedom!

Wait, who’s the “they” in this scenario?

12. Transformation

Just wait till you see what it does to the mice.

11. Alive and well

Everything is as it should be.

10. Bean counter

And it shall be with me always.

9. Surprise, surprise!

If the sun isn’t up, there’s no earthly reason a human should be.

8. Turbo mode

When you get so, so close to that sweet kiss of death.

7. Morning buzz

We’re going to need a bigger cup.

6. Checks and balances

I’m having such a productive day!

5. The marathon

Current record is about 2 hours.

4. The switcheroo

Seriously, this stuff has a problem.

3. Sun’s going down

You’re not gonna like me when I’m cranky.

2. A new hope

Come blow it up.

1. Do the math

It expands on the inside, somehow.

Welp, that’s enough memes, time for a coffee break.

How many cups do you drink per day?

Be honest with us in the comments.