Everybody struggles a little from time to time.

But some of us have upgraded it from a once in a while kind of treat to a full time job sort of experience.

We don’t just dabble in struggle, we live in it. We are the bane of it. And by that I mean we are the Batman character Bane. We were born on the struggle bus. Molded by it. And we are here its proud representatives, presenting our bold realities to the world in the forms of memes for all to enjoy.

Here are those memes. you are welcome.

13. You’re a star, baby

It’s literally drawing a line for me and I can’t follow.

12. Stuck in traffic

This is me always.

11. Do or do not

There is no try.

10. Have a seat

Both hella cute though.

9. Our packages!

Stay away from our precious! Theys is ours!

8. AvocaNO

This situation is simply ripe for parody.

7. Crash into me

Nah, I think you’ve got me mixed up with another car and driver who look exactly like this.

6. Third time’s the charm

How about you mind your own business, stethoscope boy?

5. Chairing is caring

Like I don’t have a leg to stand on.

4. Visions of the future

I like the color though, so it’s all good.

3. Weight a minute

Don’t diss my beloved like that.

2. Hope and pray

Guess you could say I’m pretty exhausted.

1. Water, water everywhere

It’s the least I can do, and I do it so seldom.

Struggle on, struggle brethren.

Which meme did you find the most relatable?

Tell us in the comments.