Memes are dumb. But not bad dumb. Good dumb. The dumb that you crave because it makes your good smart brain do a giggle at the stupid and feel relief that it don’t have to think so much right now.

Give your head noggin a treat with these 15 very good, so dumb memes.

15. More than meets the eye


14. Armed and dangerous

This would be me as a call center operator.

13. Get baked

Gonna start singing about Gaston here in a minute.

12. For Harambe

Don’t you mouth off to me like that.

11. Gotta hand it to ya

This is the world astrologists want.

10. Take a knee

That guy doesn’t even work here.

9. I tell ya what

I sell pain and pain accessories.

8. Keep a cool head

Let the man have his dreams.

7. Office romance

My dreams have shattered before they began.

6. Hard truths

Some of them aren’t even complaining tho.

5. Order me around

This guy ALWAYS delivers.

4. Nobody nose

It’s so they can’t smell what The Rock is cooking.

3. Home of the free

It puts the McNuggets in the basket.

2. Real fear

These are the moments I’m hoping for.

1. Instant tragedy

Oh look, it’s the entirety of my college diet.

Pretty amazing stuff, there. And by amazing, I mean dumb.

What’s your favorite place to find memes in the wild?

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