Do you have a little secret that you’re hiding? Something that you don’t even tell those who are closest to you? Hey, I get it: some things you just want to keep to yourself.

AskReddit users talked about the hobbies they keep secret from their family and friends.

1. Involved in the arts.

“I voice act.

My family is mostly non-American, and don’t know the first thing about voice acting. They’ve caught me looking like I’m talking to myself doing funny voices, and pretty much thought I was nuts. Since then, I’ve been keeping this hobby away from them. It’s not something I tend to do to get the bills paid, as I lack equipment of any kind. I just do it for fun.

I like altering my voice and singing songs in different voices. I also just like to be dramatic lol.”

2. You do you.

“I record myself reading books aloud. Like Berenstain Bears chapter books, Choose Your Own Adventure, Goosebumps, etc.

I do the voices, edit out the mistakes, sometimes add music or sound effects. Then I listen to those recordings while doing household tasks, or especially when I can’t sleep.

Hearing my own voice reading helps me doze off like you wouldn’t believe.”

3. Good luck!

“I’ve been writing a novel for the past 3 years, spending a good chunk of my time polishing it, researching, getting the tone just right.

It has been a challenge because I’ve been writing it in English; English isn’t my first language and I’m a construction worker.”

4. It’s for all ages.

“Lego. I’m old as f*ck.”

5. You never know…

“I’ve tried writing short stories.

None of them are good enough to share.”

6. Stay away from my toys.

“I collect Micro Machines. The classic originals from the late ’80s.

I have probably close to 1,000 of them and I keep them at work so my family doesn’t find out and want to play with them.”

7. You’re doing good work!

“I’ve been volunteering at a cat shelter for about a year and haven’t said anything about it to my friends. It just feels kinda awkward because I’m a 19 year old dude and most other volunteers are middle-aged women lol.”

8. A builder.

“I build virtual houses in the Sims to post on the gallery. I think I’m up to like 8,000 some downloads. (Which is not that much but… yeah I post often). On days off when no one’s around I might post five builds in a day. I just find it super relaxing. I like to flesh everything out with little knick knacks so it looks like real people live there. So yeah I’m an adult who plays doll house. What about it?”

9. Listening in.

“I listen to police/fire scanners to and from work every day, and can understand everything on them.

I know what type of responders get dispatched for what type of calls. I know which types of calls are most likely to be false, aka a waste of time. Also know which channels responders will be asked to respond on based on the type of call, at least here locally. I know which ones to ‘get excited about’ (aka, that’s going to make the news later).

The few times I have told people about this, I’ve said it’s ‘so I can avoid major traffic accidents before everyone else knows about them’. Which is true. But the real reason is that I have always wanted to be a cop/firefighter/paramedic, but know there’s not enough money in it for some of my other goals in life.”

10. Men can like nice things, too.

“I’m a male who likes to collect and use nice soap.”

11. I made that!

“Sewing, not so much a weird hobby but my family is pretty old fashioned aka really sexist so as a man they would have a field day if they knew more then half the stuff my wife made for them was actually me.

It’s really relaxing, satisfying creating stuff, and I save a lot of money never having to throw clothes out.”

12. Language lessons.

“Learning Chinese.

Waiting for something like a head injury/car accident to pretend that’s all I know somehow as a gag.

Or maybe I’ll just wait till we are at a Chinese restaurant.”

13. Here come the zingers!

“Stand up comedy.”

14. Whatever floats your boat.

“I have a lot of weird hobbies, but the only one I don’t tell people about is that I talk to myself. A lot. Like, full blown, never gonna happen scenario conversations for 30+ minutes at a time. Always have since I was a kid.

I’d be embarrassed if I got busted talking to myself like a f*cking lunatic, but I have worked myself through some personal sh^t on more than one occasion just by being able to say my problems out loud, even if no one is listening.”

15. Gaming is for all ages!

“I’m going to turn 60 in March. I feel young but I have a hobby that might not seem right for my age. Thankfully my spouse, 2 years younger than me, is in to it as well.

We absolutely love playing video games. We each have our own Nintendo Switches. We are both hooked on Minecraft but have tons of games.”

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