When we think of nostalgia, we generally go back in our minds to the types of media we consumed when we were younger; movies, TV, music, books, etc. But what about the things we literally consumed? The foods and drinks that were once staples of our lives and then one day just stopped showing up on shelves? That’s the type of thing you just don’t remember until some photo floats across the internet and shocks your taste buds into regression.

Here are 15 nostalgic foods you might not even remember that you forgot.

15. Sobe

Sobe still makes a few drinks, but most of their products are discontinued, and they switched away from their iconic glass bottles in 2010.

14. Altoids Sours

The Altoids company has been around for over 2 centuries and is still makin’ stuff today, but the sours were discontinued in 2010 due to poor sales.

Image: Mars Wrigley

13. Ice Breakers Liquid Ice

According to SnackHistory.com:

“[Liquid Ice] had a bitter taste which was due to an artificial sweetener, called Neotame, added to the candy. The bad reputation created due to this ended up in the candy being discontinued a year after its first launch [2004].”

Image: Hershey’s

12. Red Pistachios

Apparently, back in the day, most pistachios sold in the United States were harvested by traditional methods in the Middle East. This process left some unsightly splotches on the shells, so sellers would just die them a bright color to cover it up. Today, most American-sold pistachios are harvested via revamped methods in California, with no more splotches and no more dyes.

Image: Kmacdoug / Getty Images

11. Nickelodeon Green Slime Ice Pops

No one knows where the Nickelodean slime aesthetic came from, or where it went. We only know that for about 10 years, it defined the world of children.

Image: Good Humor

10. Milkfuls

These bad boys had quite a little cult following. After their disappearance from shelves, people started selling them on online markets for huge mark ups. Now, there’s pretty much none to be found.

Image: Storck

9. Oreo Cakesters

These plump delicacies haven’t been on shelves since 2012.

Image: Nabisco

8. Fruitopia

These once-ubiquitous drinks all but disappeared in the U.S. around 2003.

7. Reese’s Bites

Rumor has it these tasty little things were discontinued in 2008 due to be considered too much of a choking hazard.

Image: Hershey’s

6. Hershey’s Whoppers Chocolate Malt Syrup

A 2013 Amazon review of the product says, quote, “My husband loved this syrup for his milk, but Hershey’s has discontinued it and no one else seems to have filled the market. So sad!”

Image: Hershey’s

5. Creme Savers

These cousins of the Life Savers with weirdly memorable ads disappeared in the early 2000’s.

Image: Wrigley

4. Fritos Lime & Chile Corn Chips

Not sure when these things went away, but we did find a change.org petition to bring them back if you wanna sign it.

Image: Frito-Lay

3. All Sport

This Gatorade sports-drink competitor is still out there, but not nearly as widely as in its heyday.

2. TasteTations

These hard candies by Hershey’s haven’t been available since 2008.

Image: Hershey’s

1. Pilsbury Toaster Strudel

If you miss these Pop-Tart one-uppers, good news, they’re not gone! You can still get them. Though the blue frosting is a bit of a relic.

It’s enough to make you hungry for a bunch of old, forbidden food. We wouldn’t recommend just going around eating long-expired snacks, though. Probably not the experience you’re looking for.

What else should go on this list?

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