There’s nothing worse than when you find someone you’d really really like to go on a date with – maybe someone new, maybe someone you’ve been with for a while – but you just don’t have the budget or the ability to do anything big.

Thank goodness Reddit is coming to the rescue.

What are cheap and fun date ideas?
byu/RaynbowArcher1975 inAskReddit

Grab a pencil, you’ll want to write a few of these down.

1. Making pasta

Super cheap.

All you need is flour and egg.

And time, but it’s a date so you’ll have time to chill and bake

– Bighayss

2. It all depends

Depends on you definition of fun and your definition of cheap.

Sitting at home is a date.

F*cking in the mountains is a date.

Going in the downtown center for a walk and to grab a bite is a date.

Meeting her friends who have babies is not a date, it’s a trap.

– canhardlythingofone

3. Museums

Granted I live in the DC area, but find a museum/portrait gallery you both haven’t been to.

Great way to figure out interests without having to speak about them directly and provides plenty of conversation starters

– JulietPapaOscar

4. Home theater

Grab your favorite movie snacks, build a pillow fort, hang twinkle lights, and watch a movie at home.

– Hobbit_in_Hufflepuff

5. The drive in

My local drive in movies is $10 to get in per car so me and my boyfriend load up on cheap pizza and snacks

– sadf*ckingcat

6. Card games

Play card games at the park like Uno, Dos, Poker, Black Jack, Cards Against Humanity, etc. while having a picnic.

Fresh air, tasty snacks, and games that help to know more about each other’s morals/feelings, financial responsibilities, confidence levels, etc.

At least that’s my idea of a cheap, fun, and productive date. Never been on an official date.

– Inu_Maiden

7. Teach a hobby

I think the question should be:

what cheap hobbies people have?

​Cause you can sit in a park and teach her knitting while having a conversation 😉

(and that would also tell you how she reacts to learning something new, how stressed and annoyed she becomes and how she behaves when annoyed. It would be good to know a couple of those kinds of abilities like knitting to be able to switch. Always scanning for LTR right of the bat is my way.)

– IwannaCommentz

8. A picnic

If not that just walking around with someone.

It can be surprisingly fun to just walk around with someone that you love.

– KosmosMyGuy

9. Birdwatching

Look up a good local spot and find a cheap guide book/ birding app, or print out some common species lists for your area.

It’s free and fun and you will both learn something while walking around in nature.

If there is a dull moment of conversation, back to IDing birds. Pairs nicely with a picnic.

– littletribble

10. Ice cream

I read this somewhere else and haven’t tried it yet but an ice cream date sounds like a good idea. cheap and delicious, and if it doesn’t work out then the worst thing you got is ice cream.

– Bobby_Mcschloppy

11. Escape rooms (at home?)

You can get cheap escape room games that you can play in your home.

They are one time use but the concept works really well.

I think the company is called Kosmos Exit and they have a few different ones available.

– Retrosonic82

12. Photo shoots

Go to a park with a camera.

Take turns shooting anything you fancy.

Make it a little competition for the best photos.

Select your favourites and get them printed for the memories.

– HumbleTrees

13. The beach

Me and my girl are having a day trip to the beach next week I work nights, she works days so we don’t really get to see each other too much anymore so we thought that a nice day out will help

– jl99rbc

14. Car date

Where you drive to a good restaurant where you ordered carry out, pick it up and take it to your car.

You can eat and talk In privacy, reclining chairs, your choice of mellow music, heat/cold controlled, more intimate that a restaurant but also still public and low pressure

– Snowfreak2507

15. IKEA

Parking is easy, you get to seem quirky, eat meatballs, drink bottomless coffee and fizz, sit on the sofas, and see if you are compatible.

If you aren’t compatible, at least you can shop. Bought a watering can and drinking glasses on a non-starter date there.

Yes, I’m aware that sounds like a Viz comic.

– Other_Exercise

Well, I’m ready! Let’s date!

What other ideas would you add to this list?

Tell us in the comments.