Can you imagine anything worse than a crappy breakup?

How about a crappy breakup at Christmas?

That’s right, insane as it may seem, and counter to everything that the holy canon of Hallmark films have taught us, breakups do indeed happen on and around the winter holidays, and it is absolutely brutal, which is probably why these people took to the internet specifically to vent about it when it happened to them.

10. “Through text.”

Alright, you win breakups. or lose? I’m not sure what the scale is here.

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9. “It’s frustrating.”

Um, yeah, I think it’s safe to say that’s probably an understatement.

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8. “I keep hearing Christmas love songs.”

There can be nothing worse than the holiday season when you’re lonely.

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7. “I was going to propose.”

Hopes dashing through the snow.

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6. “A set of expensive rings.”

But did you get him a partridge in a pear tree?
If not that may have been where you went wrong.

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5. “Overthinking is ruining my life.”

I might as well get that tattooed on my body, are you kidding me.

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4. “Now it’s right before Christmas.”

Sounds like your other breakups were pretty mild.

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3. “I get to save so much money.”

Always look on the bright side, I guess.

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2. “The only thing on my Christmas list…”

This reads like the logline for a weird romantic comedy.

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1. “I can’t stop thinking.”

Some of them just never go away.

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Here’s to the next set of holidays, may they be a lot happier.

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