You need some tweets? Yeah ya do.

But not the BS tweets. Not the yelly-fighty ones that suck us into endless arguments with strangers or the nonsense proclamations from that guy who still lives in your hometown and has yet to read a book – no, those are not the tweets that you or anyone else needs.

The kind that you rightly crave are the silly ones. The funny stuff. The time-wasting fodder of the highest order. And we’ve got it in spades.

Here are 15 of the best funny tweets you maybe haven’t seen already.

15. Ghost with the most

So THAT’S what those bubbles mean.

14. Very alarming

I used to use this same alarm sound and I swear I just had flashbacks.

13. Can’t leaf it be

Gotta show that piece of vegetation who’s BOSS.

12. Saving the day

It’s hard to guess why else God would have made them.

11. Work it

Never has a one second clip been so captivating.

10. Long wiener

I’m truly sorry about that title but I’m pretty much bound by law to use it.

9. Rhymezone

How is he not our poet laureate?

8. Put ’em up

We thought we were ready. We weren’t ready.

7. Speak up

This is quality YouTube drama.

6. Let it go

I think it’s time we saw other apps.

5. Funny business

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

4. Feed me, Seymour

True story: I just saw Little Shop for the first time a week ago.
I…kind of regret it.

3. Heavy relaxation

Is this enough yet?

2. Instructions unclear

I’m gonna tell my kids this was the U.S. Constitution.

1. Splash fight

Instacart is getting mean out there.

All the good stuff, none of the bad. Like a finely curated museum. That only displays tweets. And is a terrible museum.

Who’s absolutely killing it on Twitter right now?

Leave your recommendations for who to follow in the comments.