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So, this is a collection of hilarious tweets where bros are a bit in the crosshairs. As a card carrying member of the man club myself, I could be offended, but honestly, I’m too tired for that, and I’d rather laugh anyway.

Here are 15 hot takes on the bros out there for all of our enjoyment.

15. Well, actually….

We only know three things and we’re very excited about them.

14. How does that make you feel?

OK first of all, rude. Second of all, correct.

13. Private time

Hahaha we’re unworthy of love.

12. Book it

Everybody’s better when you can make them up, turns out.

11. Word salad

Wait. Snapchat is still a thing?

10. Our spot

Well that’s where we live, so.

9. Agree to disagree

Arguing was invented by Rutherford James Argument when he tried to talk and feel bad simultaneously.

8. Bare minimum

It probably only proves your point that I’m admiring how nice that carpet looks.

7. Slide to the right

I guess I’m the exception that proves the rule?

6. Break out role

Lol no we don’t.

5. So edgy

Get it? Because racism.

4. A real trooper

I’ll um…I’ll take your word for it.

3. Daddy

Solid point.

2. Talking through it

Most. Expensive. Date. Ever.

1. Devotion

It’s because he’s the only one we don’t feel awkward talking to while we’re in that chair.

I guess I have a lot to think about. And apparently need to go to therapy. But I knew that already? Thanks, Twitter!

What types of things would you add to this collection of insights?

Hit us with your best shot in the comments.