When you grow up in a very socially conservative environment that makes a large point of reinforcing specific gender roles, it can be hard to shake that off.

But over time you realize, in the nicest possible way, “who gives a f**k?”

Boys, if it was considered more universally acceptable, what is a “girly” thing you would do?
byu/eicaker inAskReddit

Sometimes men – especially straight men – are terrified to indulge in anything that might be read as even remotely “feminine,” and there’s no need for it. Just listen to these dudes on Reddit talk it through.

1. Catch my scent

I want to smell like a coconut or a summer breeze, not BATTLESHARK or TIMBERKNIFE.

Also please make more conditioner for guys. I don’t want to buy a bottle that works as shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lotion, and siracha sauce all in one.

– Royal_Vindication

2. Under where?

Why is all our underwear so godd**n dull?

The best we get is maybe bright colours and it’s a thong.

Girls get lace and patterns and precious gems on theirs.

– cjeam

3. Witchy business

I don’t know if this counts, since it’s not generally girly thing but I’d love to have a lot of houseplants.

But not the typical ones no no no, i want to focus on various herbs.

Be it conventional ones like mint and it’s types or more wild ones like cowslick or firegrass.

Essentially i want to get as close to a witch as possible while still keeping my logical worldview

– Hentai-hercogs

4. Have a seat

I sit down on the toilet to pee when I am at home or a friends house.

No sense in causing splash mess on the bowl and having to clean it later.

– Effective_James

5. Get a leg up

So, uh, don’t judge but –

Leggings are pretty great.

Seriously, there’s a reason they’ve become so popular with women, they’re just really d**n comfortable.

And I know they’ve gained popularity in men for athletic purposes but not just casual wear, maybe they will someday.

– Cats**t-Dogfart

6. The list

Kiss, hug and pretty much show affection to my homies (platonically).

Also doing feminine pose and dance.

Wearing a perfume that markets towards women.

Smells so blissfully nice.

– cooldangood

7. Live your life

Awful sad all the fun and good for you stuff listed here that guys are afraid to do simply because they might look girly.

Fellas, live your life how you want. F**k what anyone else thinks.

– [deleted user]

8. Literally nothing

Literally nothing – I do what I want already and to he** with other people’s expectations.

I don’t give a rat’s a** what other people consider girly. Traditional gender roles are bulls**t. My personal preferences tend to align fairly closely with heteronormative standards, but as far as I’m concerned that’s mostly coincidence.

I greatly enjoy cooking, and I’m the primary cook for my family. I do the dishes, do my own laundry (though my wife is an absolute gem and helps me out on occasion – just as I help her out with folding it all up, her stuff too), I know how to knit (just don’t have the patience for it)…

F**k social expectations. Do what you want because it brings you joy. Wear a skirt, paint your nails, dye your hair, do needlepoint/sewing, put doilies on your furniture, cry during emotional parts of movies (I do!), light scented candles and have a bath, give yourself a pedicure, do what you want to, and if someone gives you s**t about it, tell them to shove their opinions up their a**.

– EvidentlyEmpirical

9. Better drinks

Those “girly” cocktails surely look more appealing and tasty than the “manly” boring ass beer.

I’m a guy and I think beer tastes stupid, I’m in my late 20’s.

– StealthyBasterd

10. Nailed it

My fiancée talked me into painting my nails with her a bit ago, and I low-key loved it.

I also got a lot of compliments from people when I was out and about, so it was legitimately a huge self-esteem booster.

Now that things are opening up again and I’ll be heading back to the office, I feel a lot more self-conscious about doing it again.

– laserdollars420

11. I’m a lumberjack?

Skip and jump; Press wild flowers; Put on women’s clothes and hang around in bars; Wear high heels, suspenders and bras.

Sorry if my English is bad.

– Mateus_Oliveira23

12. Putting it together

I am not ashamed to be seen doing stereotypical womanly things, because I do not think it is shameful to be a woman.

For reference I’m a very male-presenting guy in my mid thirties who works construction.

– Calm_Canary

13. Wearing skirts

I’m planning on buying a kilt soon and I’m going to start wearing them.


Because skirts are hella comfortable and freeing, and kilts are a strange but socially acceptable alternative.

– BuyingNoose

14. A close shave

Maybe shaving my legs every so often.

The feeling of your pants actually brushing your skin for the first time in awhile is an underrated feeling.

– johnnygalt69

15. Everybody deserves bubble baths

Men should be allowed to do everything in this thread.

Cry, take bubble baths, watch a romcom, smell roses, share your feelings, just be a person!!

It makes me so sad that men have to be some type of way in order to be accepted.

EVERYBODY deserves bubble baths ??

– clovermckenzie

If you take one thing away from this thread – let it be that. Everybody deserves bubble baths.

Guys, what “feminine” things do you enjoy? Girls, what “masculine” things?

Tell us in the comments.