There’s a growing cultural awareness now that concepts of gender are not only unnecessarily restrictive, but also totally arbitrarily constructed.

Did you know, for instance, that not all that long ago, pink was the default color for baby boy products, and blue the default for girls? We just switched it up. And it didn’t matter at all. Because of course it didn’t, it’s literally just a couple of random colors.

Which makes you wonder – what else have we been putting too much pressure on?

Boys, if it was considered more universally acceptable, what is a “girly” thing you would do?
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The guys of Reddit speak their peace.

1. Braiding hair

I’m a guy with hair down to the bottom of my shoulder blades.

While we were hanging out one evening, one of my friends decided she wanted to braid my hair.

Oh my god did it feel amazing! I love the feeling of someone else playing with my hair. Now every time we hang out I secretly hope she’ll ask to do it again.

– MasteringTheFlames

2. No more f**ks to give

Guy in his 40s married with two kids. My hobbies include playing drums / woodworking / hiking.

I take baths and put bubbles in because I like nice smells and it relaxes aches after working.

I use moisturiser that includes sunblock because I’m in my 40s and my skin looks fucking great. I use conditioner on my hair because it’s no extra effort and makes a massive difference.

I drink whatever cocktails sound appealing / I haven’t tried before because you only live once.

I prefer mixed company because guy chat can be tedious.

I take care of what I eat but I’m not obsessive about exercise.

I enjoy gardening and my home is full of houseplants which I tend religiously.

I have a huge interest in design / art and music of all types with a special interest in jewellery design.

If somebody tells you s**t is girly its pure ignorance and at my age I have zero f**ks for that kind of limited mindset.

– sosogos

3. Cry me a river

I cry all the time. Good things happy things sad things bad things. Zero sh**s given.

Have cried in a work meeting in the first month. (Tears are mostly ok in my field).

My daughters and partner see me cry weekly and zero shame. I hope my kids know empathy is never a bad thing. And I hope my son learns real men communicate and sometimes they cry.

In a world that is absolutely full of s**t a little empathy goes a long way.

Cry my fellow brethren. Zero shame in it.

– SOBStoleMyLine

4. Trust me on the sunscreen

There’s nothing wrong with skincare as a man, at a very minimum you should be washing your face and moisturizing.

If froo froo smelling creams turn you off, there are unscented options out there. I have a personal preference for Gold Bond’s daily moisturizer.

Also, wear sunblock.

– duffman13jws

5. Does sound great…if really expensive…

I wish spa days weren’t seen as girly.

Go get a manny peddy while I read some Harry Potter. Hop in a sauna for a bit. Go get my man bits waxed.

Get an hour long massage then finish it up with a nice hair cut and beard trim.

I don’t care who ya are, that sounds f**king great.

– StruggyBuggy

6. For real?

This reminds me of the 4th Harry Potter book when all the wizards had to dress in muggle clothes and one old man was walking around in a dress, because he liked a healthy breeze around his privates.

– SSwinea3309

7. Double dressing standards

Wearing any clothes we d**n well please.

I get keeping things covered, that’s fine.

But women can dress as a guy all day everyday and get little to no s**t, but a man in a non kilt skirt or dress is completely unacceptable.

What’s up with that?

– Nic2334

8. Embrace the shave

I don’t care what people think of me to be honest, I do a lot of “girly” things cause I like them.

I shave my armpits for example, a lot of my friends see it as girly. I think it looks awful and I prefer the feel without it so I shave it.

– seenthewolf

9. Makeup

Wear makeup.

Have you seen how an average chick can turn herself into a 10 with makeup? It’s incredible

Wish us guys could do that.

Only thing we can do is grow a beard to change how our face looks

– Dangerclose101

10. Give it a try!

I’m a guy and I paint my nails black and burgundy, I do it because it looks nice and helps me not chew my nails , also helps with me playing the piano cause my eyes are bad so it gives hints to where my fingers are 🙂 give it a try

– Fine-Can9830

11. Swallow the pain

I’d admit if something hurt.

I’m a former catcher, and my knees, feet, elbow, shoulder, and back are pretty much always sore.

My wife is even a physical therapist, but I don’t want to bother here with more works, and I would feel like a wimp if I told her how sore I am constantly.

Instead, I’m her rock, and I just let her vent about how her days are and if something is bothering her.

– DLIPBCrashDavis

12. Wear skirts

They’re so god d**n comfortable.

I wore them in high school when I was a burn out /punk / weird kid but now I’m a (slightly more) respectable adult.

Also, it’s just easier not to deal with the hassle of behaving against general norms

– bacchus_underpants

13. Fun and affirming

Oh man, I would definitely wear dresses and light makeup. My fiance lets me try on lots of her stuff and tells me what I look pretty in. Why can’t I be a moderately buff dude in a pretty dress? What the h**l’s wrong with that? I’m completely dead serious.

I would also probably have a bit more “female” inflections and expressions in my voice and speaking style and body language because I find them just…fun to use and affirming.

Some of my best times were hanging out with a good gay friend of mine years ago because I felt so much more free to be me without judgement while traveling in his circles. I would be a very manly man that feels comfortable in his masculinity, yet acting like people think a fun yet educated women acts.

– mrmoe198

14. Nailed it

My fiancée talked me into painting my nails with her a bit ago, and I low-key loved it.

I also got a lot of compliments from people when I was out and about, so it was legitimately a huge self-esteem booster.

Now that things are opening up again and I’ll be heading back to the office, I feel a lot more self-conscious about doing it again.

– laserdollars420

15. Nothing


There’s nothing that is “girlie” that I would want to do that I wouldn’t just do. One day it hits you: Who f**king cares?

What’s the worst that can happen? Someone gonna make fun of you for doing what you want? That’s on them.

As soon as you call it out on them that they’re the “p**sy” for denying what they want to do, that you’re more “manly” for doing whatever you want, nothing stops you anymore.

– TheLateThagSimmons

Get out there and live your life!

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