People will often use the phrase “one in a million” or “one in a billion” to mean something that’s never going to happen. But of course, that’s not correct.

A one in a million occurrence is a thing that happens once every million instances. So if, say, a person has a one-in-a-million physical attribute, given that there are around eight billion people total, you should expect to find 8,000 people alive with that attribute. Suddenly it doesn’t seem quite so impossible, huh?

But there’s still something very special about getting to be the person who catches a very rare sight. Like these people on Reddit did, and shared them for all to see.

10. The end of the rainbow

Are you still in Kansas, though?

I saw the end of the rainbow today
byu/toastforscience inmildlyinteresting

9. This benevolent vending machine

Let the chips fall where they may, I guess.

Vending machine at work made an error and distributed everything all at once.
byu/rbards inmildlyinteresting

8. These M-less M’s

Someone get science on the phone, I demand an explanation for this.

my M&Ms sank but the Ms stayed behind
by inmildlyinteresting

7. This retro garbage

But why was it in the WALL?!

1977 mcdonald’s christmas trash found in the wall of our house.
byu/nyratevoli inmildlyinteresting

6. The perfect slice

What are the odds that you’d cut right there?

Was cutting down a tree at a golf course and found a golf ball wedged in it
byu/el_tobleronie inmildlyinteresting

5. This break

Swing so powerful it transfers through an image.

This frame fell down and the glass broke exactly where i swung a baseballbat
byu/BlackpillBinjen inmildlyinteresting

4. This slacking smoke detector

You were supposed to defeat them, not join them!

Our smoke detector caught fire.
byu/hugejourney inmildlyinteresting

3. Ducks in a row

To be fair, this is less of a miracle and more just…the Midwest.

Three girls in the same row, wearing the same color sweater, with the same color hair
by inmildlyinteresting

2. Thicc Dorito

I’m sorry, you’re under arrest, you cannot blast this much flavor at once.

Got this abnormally thick Dorito in an otherwise normal packet
byu/weallalright inmildlyinteresting

1. This perfect cut

Would we say this is a glass half empty situation?

My aunt spilled the wine and the glass broke exactly in half
byu/ohkaykay_De inmildlyinteresting

So fascinating. So rare. I’d say these belong in a museum.

What’s something rare that you’ve experienced?

Tell us in the comments.