Penn Gillett once said “luck is statistics taken personally.”

It’s a clever little insight, perhaps only bogged down by the fact that statistics are really hard to grasp intuitively. Take the lottery, for example. If I go buy a lotto ticket right now in my home state, the odds of me hitting the jackpot are roughly 1 in 20 million. Same goes for anyone else who buys a ticket.

So it’s more or less guaranteed that I won’t win. It’s similarly guaranteed that you won’t win. That any given player won’t win. And yet – what are the odds that someone will win? 1 in 1. It’s a total certainty.

“Nobody can win, but someone has to” is the kind of conundrum you find yourself stewing over when you start trying to calculate unlikely things. Which is maybe what haunted the minds of these people on Reddit who came across their very rare finds.

10. These sewing bunnies

Maybe it’s in the genes? Or…jeans?

I inherited my grandmas sewing supplies and as I was putting them away realized I bought the exact same buttons that she did over 35 years ago for me.
byu/Glitter_Plague inmildlyinteresting

9. Long lost twins

I really need a third guy here who’s either the biggest or the smallest, just to complete the set.

My friend met a stranger at a wedding that looked just like him and was wearing the same thing.
by inmildlyinteresting

8. 2.11


I saved $2.11 on 2.11lbs of salmon that was packaged at 2:11
by inmildlyinteresting

7. These chips are fire

No, seriously, somebody get some help.

The chip bowl acted as a parabolic mirror and set a chip on fire.
byu/loafers_glory inmildlyinteresting

6. This elegant creation

Crazy how nature do dat.

The melting snow on this chair looks like a tree.
byu/glassenthusiast inmildlyinteresting

5. This unpicky pick

Anything to save a buck, I guess.

The people who made my guitar pick couldn’t be bothered to buy the stock photo
byu/SteelStringSword inmildlyinteresting

4. This empty plane

I’d be simultaneously thrilled and kinda scared.

I got a whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew.
byu/shadybaby22 inmildlyinteresting

3. Rainbow road

Look out for rogue turtle shells.

The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses.
byu/kenziemonsterrawr inmildlyinteresting

2. The drone

Um. Terrifying?

My mom and uncle found a USAF target drone on the beach
byu/coolmanjack inmildlyinteresting

1. Once you pop…

The fun don’t…start?

A balloon I accidentally shut in my car door didn’t pop.
byu/PurelyForLolla inmildlyinteresting

Truly one in a million.

What’s a rare thing that you’ve experienced?

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