I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. I’m not only talking about this instant, I’m talking about all the time. Always thinking about food, always drooling about food, always dreaming about food.

Am I a total weirdo…or are you with me on this one?

Either way, let’s enjoy some tweets about food!

1. Talking to your food is important.


2. Not anyone just does that.


3. Boom! Me too!

4. Rocky’s in big trouble.


5. This is the best tweet of the year.

6. The perfect couple.

7. Always barging in.


8. The more, the merrier!

9. You did the right thing.


10. I think he looks cool.

11. He seems a little agitated.

12. Gonna be the hit of the party.


13. Wholesome AF.


14. This is a disaster.

15. You better keep that to yourself.


Those tweets about food were very pleasing to me!

Now, it’s time to go hit a buffet…again.

Before that… let us know your fave tweets in the comments!