What’s going on on tinder?

There’s dating and conversations and hookups, sure, but like, there’s also this entire weird culture around it. Flirting and game playing and pranking and…venmo panhandling? It’s a lot, so if you’re gonna open that app back up, be ready for anything.

Here are fifteen of the types of anything you might want to prepare yourself for in the world of tinder.

15. Duck buddies

Um. Are we just gonna ignore the plane and the building emojis?

I had an interesting experience
byu/SaintNigel inTinder

14. 6’3

I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but this guy is 6’3.

[deleted by user]
by inTinder

13. Crab onto opportunity

When you got the facts, you just gotta share ’em.

Fucking love crabs, man
by inTinder

12. Evolutionary process

I didn’t think tinder would be the pinnacle of biological progress, but here we are.

Its shark week!
byu/neekoskuxx inTinder

11. A sense of adventure

Bringing out the big guns right away.

Is it even a date if no one dies at the end?
byu/hobbit_trash inTinder

10. A part of me

I mean, you’re not wrong.

I mean???
byu/zekerosh inTinder

9. That adds up

Math nerds were made for each other.

She’s not obtuse
by inTinder

8. You should pay, pal

I kinda wonder how well this is going for her.

She unmatched with me immediately
byu/Yakisoba_Fett inTinder

7. Basic genetics

Asked and answered, I suppose.

He didn’t even get my joke 🥺
byu/baddhinky inTinder

6. Waking up in Vegas

That embarrassing moment when you both show up to the party wearing the same name.

When you are a lesbian with a common name
byu/heymisssarah inTinder

5. A horse of a different color

This guy is too hot to trot.

She said she liked horses and dad jokes.
byu/xxxxxxxxxtra inTinder

4. You blue it

This is what happens when you copy/paste the same line for all your matches.

My pictures show very clearly that my eyes are brown
byu/stephers97 inTinder

3. Dog-gone

Is your mutual disinterest in each other technically something you have in common?

we both matched with ulterior motives.
byu/BootiMcboatface inTinder

2. Rhyme time

Not a perfect rhyme, but a solid effort.

[deleted by user]
by inTinder

1. It’s the pits

I’d sooner commit to a lifetime of matrimony than matching tattoos.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce I’ve beat the game.
byu/Brandido2 inTinder

Honestly, I’d swipe right on every single one of ’em.

What’s been your weirdest tinder experience?

Tell us in the comments.