Social media has given society a very unrealistic concept of what bodies look like.

Not that this is anything new. Advertising, movies, TV, and music videos have been shoving this down our throats for decades.

But social media has taken it up a notch as people show off their seemingly “perfect” lives and bodies for everyone to fawn over.

These ladies, however, have decided to teach everyone a valuable lesson by showing people what real bodies and real people look like. Let us begin…

1. Skin has texture.

One of my favorite comedians posted this on Instagram and it really meant a lot to me. Skin has texture!!! from Instagramreality

2. Unaltered? Hmmmm…

I love love love when celebrities post unaltered photos! from Instagramreality

3. Look at that!

My favourite fitness influencer. Yes you can get to 150k+ without excessive use of the blur tool from Instagramreality

4. Coming clean.

Love this honesty!!! from Instagramreality

5. No Photoshop needed.

Sanity Sunday : Mango – refreshing to see older models with no photoshop from Instagramreality

6. Choose to love your body.

A great thing to keep in mind from Instagramreality

7. The real deal.

A Scandinavian online store has found a true natural beauty to model for them <3 from Instagramreality

8. Definitely keeping it real.

Instagram model keeping it real from Instagramreality

9. Showing it all.

She posts both traditionally “flattering” and “unflattering” pictures to show people that everyone has both moments (she also shows her pores *gasp*) from Instagramreality

10. Everyone gets acne.

With most people in the beauty influencer industry posting images photoshopped to hell, seeing an artist stop editing her skin and body makes me SO happy from Instagramreality

11. Celebrating cellulite.

Sanity Sunday: Celebrating cellulite – mad respect for this fitness influencer from Instagramreality

12. Covering it up.

The power of make-up from Instagramreality

13. Very refreshing.

Sanity Sunday: Stunning both ways and so refreshing to see. from Instagramreality

14. They are both her.

She keeps it 100% real, and I love it. from Instagramreality

15. The natural look.

Natural skin texture ❤️❤️❤️ from Instagramreality

Bravo to these ladies for showing us what the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth really looks like!

What about you? Do you like this trend? Think it’s brave? Or are you kind of like, “Yeah, welcome to the club!”

Let us know in the comments!