There are some days you realize halfway through that you never should have gotten out of bed.

When nothing is going right, and you accept nothing is going to GO right, and you may as well just give up and let the hits keep coming.

These 17 people definitely shouldn’t have bothered to get up on days like they were having.

17. Bold move. Ha!

16. That will teach you to go the extra mile.

15. I want to give them a 10 anyway.

14. They’re not ALWAYS adorable.

13. More proof dads are the best.

12. No good deed goes unpunished.

11. And (un)luckily for her, it’s all on camera.

10. Effing birds. *shudder*

9. I’m sure he got a good laugh out of it.

8. Those are going to be some sticky shorts.

7. This would be a great start to a romance novel.

6. A double dose of frown-age.

5. Is it wrong that I’m kind of rooting for the squirrel?

4. Suppppeeerrrr awkward.

3. I’m not sure how this could be worse.

2. That is not going to be fun to clean up.

Someone cut me up while transporting chilli for my sister in laws birthday dinner.
byu/g-hannah85 inWellthatsucks

1. He danced too close to the edge…literally.

I’ve been in their shoes, and yeah. Under the covers, maybe with a book not heavy enough to hit you on the head, is the best place t be.

How do you handle bad days? What’s your go-to comfort?

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