Black Twitter is like regular Twitter except it’s populated by black people sharing a black experience and using their unique lens to comment on the world around them.

Which is to say, it’s a poignant, funny, woke place to be – and these 20 tweets prove that beyond the shadow of a doubt.

20. I have always suspected.

19. Yes, my mother and sister and I are going to have to renegotiate.

18. Stahp.

17. Painfully accurate.

16. It might be too soon.

15. Oh, is that all.

14. Rude.

13. Basically, yeah.

12. Those poor little dears.

11. That awkward moment when…

10. It really is that much better.

9. Wait, that’s unprofessional?

8. To sum up.

7. We never learn, do we?

6. Why is this so perfect?

5. I just cannot look away.

4. Somewhere, someone is still using one, too.

3. What is this, 2012?

2. You owe us more than an apology.

1. Sadly…

I’m here for all of this and more.

Do you have a favorite Black Twitter moment? Yeah you do…

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