“Pedantic” is a word that means correcting small errors or pointing out tiny technicalities. Well, technically, “pedantic” means “of or like pedant.” See what I did there?

Fortunately, this tool can be used for more than just annoying your friends until they all leave you. It can also be used to make great dad-ish jokes to spread around the internet! Enjoy some lols from these technically correct tweets and memes.

15. What if it’s on the house?


14. He also meets a lot of people


13. It’s easy to see how he’s feline about it

12. I can do it batter

11. Science has peaked

10. Inanimate animations

9. It’ll be easy to identify my body

8. It’s a bald-faced lie

7. Gotta hand it to this guy

6. Technically not an organization, but points anyway

5. …nice

4. And parts are part of the job

3. This is why I yell “alone” all the time

2. Can’t wait for season 2 of Waterfall

1. I just can’t go back

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