There’s a strange sort of unpleasant space that we exist in frequently.

It’s a space of discomfort, but it’s somewhere between “I fear for my safety” and “I’m just going to cringe myself into a ball.”

It’s a space that we’re trying to get to the bottom of in this Reddit thread:

What instantly makes you really uncomfortable?
by inAskReddit

What horrors await us in this uncomfortable netherworld?

Let’s find out.

1. The talk.

When my boss says ” I need to talk to you when you get a minute……”, then he disappears for three hours.

– Bigdodge68

2. No thank you please.

Hearing my own voice and watching a video of myself.

– InternationalCut1908

3. The poop parade.

Having to go to the bathroom right after someone else just went to the bathroom

– TechnoTofu

4. Not my type.

Someone watching me type.

– DrinkMeadBeFierce

5. Not an ASMR fan, huh?

Mouth noises

– annairachelle

6. Skip me.

When the teacher/professor says, “Let’s go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves”

– Just_Village_8818


Out of nowhere sex scene in show/movie

– TheDingus606

8. Stare and stare alike.

When people stare at me.

– iamfromneverland

9. A trickle of annoyance.

When you’re washing up and have an itch your face so you scratch it but now you can feel that awful little bit of water trickling up your arm.

It makes me so uncomfortable and on a scale of I need to sort this out right now it would be a 10.

– nahiaintdoingthat

10. A spooky feeling.

Walking into a really old person’s house for the first time.

– Papa_Raj

11. Don’t look!

Being the center of attention in basically any way, shape or form.

– onemanmelee

12. Out of touch.

when people touch me for no reason

– incxguser

13. Brain freeze!

When someone bites into a popsicle/ice cream cone

Makes my teeth hurt and my butt cheeks clench just thinking about it

– Rly_grinds_my_beans

14. Help.

When I’m browsing in a shop and the assistant asks “is there anything I can help you with today?” …..”erm no thanks”…..”ok well I’ll be right over there if you need anything”……”cool thanks”

Bonus points if I have my headphones in and have to pull them out awkwardly because they’ve started talking to me with them in

– surebegrandlike

15. The truth shall set you free.

Someone in a group setting saying something that is a lie. I’m torn between correcting it and not wanting to kill the vibe and make it a thing.

– TheObsidianOrder

I’d imagine these would be the sorts of tormets that would await you in the mildest version of Hell.

What instantly makes you uncomfortable?

Tell us in the comments.