I try not to indulge in my old-man “you damn kids don’t know how good you’ve got it!” rants too often. After all, it’s not like us American 90’s kids grew up traversing a dessert to get well water or something. It’s not like we were all dying of dysentery in our ox-drawn carriages (though we did love to pretend we were, for some reason.)

Still. The rate at which technology has moved in the last few decades does mess with my mind enough that I can’t help but occasionally shake my head at how different everything is.

Let’s reflect on this with some memes.

15. Circle “yes,” “no,” or “maybe”


13. It’s amazing I never wrecked my car flipping through this

12. This was my retirement plan

11. There’s a lot going on here

10. As long as nobody finds my diary

9. This sentence would be gibberish now

8. Our coming of age was a little…slower

7. And then you’d immediately lose this

6. We didn’t understand minesweeper, but we played it, dammit

5. Beware the dreaded double exposure!

4. Brought to you by limewire.exe

3. This is the only true art

2. There are so many more ways to ignore people now

1. Honestly, a better investment

Alright, now get off my lawn.

What was the hardest part about 90’s life for you?

Let us know in the comments.