Memes are for everyone. And women are everyone. I mean, a part of everyone. Everyone is part woman. For memes. Wait. Let me start over.


These memes are for everybody but you might like them especially much if you’re a woman.

There we go. Got it right that time. Let’s begin.

15. Unimpressive

Just bear with us a moment.

14. The million dollar question

I am now realizing to my shame just how little of my media diet comes from women.

13. The spot

It’s a secret kind of code, just roll with it.

12. By the book

Joke’s on you, those pages are blank.

11. Pay respects

If the mascara don’t run, it’s no fun.

10. Red alert

Noted, take all the space you need.

9. On fire

Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

8. What a mess

Ah, screw it, I’ve spent too much time on this today already.

7. So smooth

I, too, become a naked mole rat.

6. Lift me up

A look so iconic and so forgettable.

5. Choppy bobs

That’s my new band name.

4. All done

Yeah I’d say you pretty much nailed it.

3. Periodically

If you’ve got time to lean…I’ll leave you alone.

2. Dried up

Don’t even worry about it, it’s fabulous.

1. Pity party

Well that sounds…hmm.

Did you enjoy those memes? I certainly did.

Which one was the most relatable?

Tell us in the comments.