Some people say they believe in love at first sight. Personally, I’ve always been a bit suspicious of the notion.

Sure, we all get infatuated with someone upon introduction from time to time, and maybe occasionally that will lead to a lasting relationship, but it’s at least as likely that it will fade as you get to know them, or not be reciprocated, etc etc.

I think the real moments that we know someone is “the one” are a little less magical and a little more magically mundane than that, and they usually come after a long time spent together.

Let’s see if these confessions from real couples can back me up on that.

10. Being everything

Find someone who can’t help but build you up.

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9. The healing

If all it takes is being silly I oughta be drowning in love.

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8. Just watch

When your world is small but beautiful.

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7. The goof

Somewhere between sensual and silly.

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6. Fearless protector

It’s hard to feel safe after something like that.

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5. Time out

Hey man, rules are rules.

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4. The con job

I…really need to know more details about how this worked, exactly.

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3. Hit it

Find someone who shares your passions.

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2. Blue jeans

That magic kiss that seals the deal.

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1. Spider man

Did you share a rainy upside down kiss though?

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Have you had a “I’m gonna marry this person” moment?

What was it? How did it work out?

Tell us in the comments.