Hey ladies. Could you use a break? I’m sure you could. And we’ve got just the thing.

You ready?

It’s memes. Are you surprised? Probably not. You did read the headline before you clicked on this. But we hope you’ll STILL be surprised at just how good the memes themselves are. Let’s get started.

14. Lashing out

Aw, thank you, that’s so sweet!

13. The breaking point

I think you really nailed that one.

12. The glob

I will never recover financially from this.

11. The bunny

This was once a highly pervasive symbol.

10. Washing out

Let the revolution begin!

9. The future is female

You just do you.

8. Sephora problems

You’ve done it again, treat yoself.

7. The chosen one

I think we’re really gonna find we have a lot in common.

6. Get a leg up

We love to see it.

5. A case of the giggles

And it just goes on for way too long. So joyful. So dumb.

4. Panini head

The best phrase that this man ever added to the English lexicon.

3. Buns, hun

I don’t think these things are even real.

2. Bare face

Just a few touches first. Yanno. For fun.

1. Locked up locks

Movie people ugly is not like regular people ugly.

Hope you’ve enjoyed that lineup of memes! We’ve enjoyed having you here with us today. Now get out there and kick some butt!

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