We’re gonna do a bit of a public service announcement here:

If you see a text from your ex, and y’all did not separate on good terms, just. Say. No.

Ex texts are one of the leading causes of:
Phone breaking
Rage tweeting
Ice cream binging
and genocide

That’s why we say: just say no.

But if you DO engage, make sure and screenshot that conversation.

15. Wide awake

Gotta get started early in the day.

14. Take care

Yeah nobody’s surprised by this.

13. Picture this

Wow, they really are worth a thousand words.

12. Out of the blue after all this time

Boy have I got a deal for you.

11. Oops

Something tells me this was not in fact an accident.

10. No holding back

Wow, guess that’s what you call radical honesty.

9. Happy New Year!

I think I know what my resolution isn’t.

8. Wish You Were Here

Music really is it’s own transcendent language.

7. A lovely start

Dang, no respite. No forgiveness.

6. In your dreams

You can go ahead and wait for dream me to respond.

5. Blowing you off

Giving it up. Sounds like a good call.

4. When you put it like that

I feel like this shouldn’t need to be said but with all the misinformation out there:
No, this does not work.

3. Dream on

We are not together, BRAD.

2. Merry Christmas

And in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evenin’ and goodnight.

1. Did we break up

Gotta love it.

Remember: only you can stay away from ex texts.

What’s the worst one you’ve ever got?

Tell us in the comments.