If I were to write a dating advice guide it would probably be titled something like Don’t Read This: A Guide On Everything Not to Do in the World of Love.

Weirdly enough, it would probably sell.

People can’t seem to resist doing what they’re told not to. It’s that sort of behavior that makes navigating the dating world so damn weird in the first place.

Here are fifteen memes for anybody who’s just trying their best to get in the game.

15. Close calls

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t want anything to get real.

14. The cold shoulder

The first time you don’t bring a jacket, it’s a romantic moment. The 50th time, it’s just negligence.

13. Sound slumber

“You’ll never leave me, pillow. I’ll always have your cool side.”

12. Time, well…spent

This Simpsons meme made me sadder than any Simpsons meme has the right to.

11. The inner light

What could these twisted riddles mean?

10. The chase

Quick, throw the candy, they won’t be able to resist.

9. Common denominators

When you use the scientific method to prove to yourself that you’re not a waste.

8. Unsinkable

Both involve a whole lotta ice and a sinking feeling.

7. Abandonment issues

Thanks a lot, me.

6. Baby got back

I’ve made a terrible mistake.

5. Office intrigue

It’s the Canada branch, don’t bother looking it up.

4. Smokin’ hot

When your body tells on you harder than anybody else could.

3. Cheating the system

What am I, some kinda model?

2. Hoes before bros

Some of us survive on the energy we get from being tagged.

1. Monkey business

I can feel this guy’s stress and it is palpable.

Was any of that helpful in improving your dating life? No? Hmm. Only solution I can think of is finding more memes. I’ll bet that would do it.

What’s the biggest mistake people make in the dating world?

Tell us your opinion in the comments.