Sometimes it’s weird to try to tell people you’re anxious, because the follow-up question, inevitably, and sensibly, is “about what?”

To which we have no response. About what? Everything. Nothing. Anxiety is just the state in which I exist. I’m not anxious as in it’s a passing emotional state, I’m anxious as in that’s my identity.

It’s my middle name, or something.

Good thing I have memes. Memes understand me.

15. The fake laugh

Resorting to “that’s crazy…” until they finally stop.

14. The big three

Talk about a triple threat.
Also this photo is AGGRESSIVELY 90’s.

13. The big decision

Welcome to the internet, take a look around…

12. From 0 to 60

Sorry, clearly I have no middle ground, I’ll just go home now.

11. Bye bye

Sorry, I just need to leave for forever.
Find a new plane of existence.

10. The leftovers

Could you all get out of my house please?
I need to take my pants off.

9. Take a break

You deserve it.

8. No thanks

It’s the most perfect collective noun since a murder of crows.

7. The big four

Mix ’em together in different proportions and you’re painting with all the colors of the rainbow.

6. Feelings

Our brains are simulation machines run amok.

5. Ring ring

The absolute audacity of the phone I pay monthly for actually delivering me a call.

4. Yo, dog

Maybe I need to get you your own emotional support gerbil or something.

3. The pillars

Without them, I am nothing.

2. Big fails

Don’t watch, I can’t go while you’re watching.

1. The battery

It drains faster than you’d think.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go be anxious about stuff.

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