According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time moves slower or faster in different scenarios. His models of spacetime were confirmed very recently with the observation of gravitational waves, and his ideas on time in particular were expanded on greatly in 2020, when we discovered that a single year could be several centuries.

It’s been a very long one. Here are some memes to remember it by, if for some reason you’d want to.

15. Murder express

You’re thinking of the Black Mirror episode, but we’re getting close.

14. Light-hearted entertainment

Streaming into our stream of consciousness.

13. New approach

Harambe would be proud.

12. Bun-bun-BUN!

Never forget who the true monsters are.

11. Oh yes son, I’m talkin’ to you

I don’t want none of it.

10. Making time

Please, I’m very poor and extremely lonely.

9. Best estimates

Or, yanno, several decades.

8. Stir crazy

“But one of the people in the video totally said they were a doctor.”

7. No one knows where we are going

Cool, my childhood nightmare has followed me here.

6. Changing times

We’re having a quick meeting to erase the last one.

5. Stay golden

Betty White is a national treasure and is to be protected at all costs.

4. Alternative medicine

Don’t let the truth get in the way of your treatment.

3. Face the consequences

We were warned…we were all warned…

2. Silver linings

We can’t GIVE these things away!

1. Here we are now

Smells like pointless rebellion.

When we’re telling the stories of this time to our grandkids, it’ll probably be best to just show them these memes. They express it better.

What’s been the biggest thing on your mind this year?

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