Memes are dumb. But they’re wonderfully dumb. They’re a new kind of wonderful that we must treasure and hold onto, because who knows what way the wind may blow memes next.

In celebration of the wonderful dumb that is memes, I present you now with some of them. For fun. Dumb fun. Some wonderful dumb fun, son.

15. Try and beat that

Gotta appreciate the truly dark humor.

14. You’re on camera

Hey man, live and let live.

13. The moment of disappointment

That burn was on an epic time delay and it worked out perfectly.

12. Oh my God

I liked his original stuff before all the fame got to his head.

11. The true magic

Hooray, we’ve learned absolutely nothing!

10. Almost everything

Maybe you were just allergic to tests?

9. Oh, baby

Smoking kills and so does this meme.

8. Bass guy

This dude is a straight up enigma and I love everything he does.

7. Cleansing energy

You’ve turned your own airbag into a war crime at this point.

6. Donkeystrength

Imagine getting all the way to that seat and then biffing it on a question like this.

5. Size is relative

I feel your pain, friend.

4. Hot and cold

This is why they specifically sell de-icing liquids to cars.

3. A new drug

Joke’s on you, I’ve been the one who knocks all along.

2. April, fools

Well that probably went a little differently than you were expecting.

1. Strangers in the night

Well one of us needs to leave.

Now THAT is some good dumb.

What’s the most wonderfully dumb thing you’ve seen recently?

Tell us in the comments.