Are you feeling broke? Financially or otherwise? Well good news, we’ve got some memes here that are 100% cash. Money.

Now, do I mean that literally? No. Not yet, anyway. Until we hit some sort of full-blown apocalypse in which traditional monetary systems are eliminated and memes are treated as fungible means of purchase, these aren’t actually worth anything. But I feel like the day that applies is two, three weeks out. Max. So, maybe just gather the memes while ye may.

Here they are.

10. Very appealing

Now you can send out those pics absolutely no one wants in even higher quality.

Source: The Chive

9. Bring back the night!

What a cutesy butesy little demon fluff.

Source: The Chive

8. Left on read

Carpet for your only whole, $99.

Source: The Chive

7. The VIP room

Ok but the real question is what does it evolve into?

Source: The Chive

6. Super tarantula

I can put up with a lot but if that becomes a real thing, I’m out.

Source: The Chive

5. The real scoop

Hey, who doesn’t look forward to a nice poop?

Source: The Chive

4. All-inclusive

I hate you all equally.

Source: The Chive

3. Honesty in advertising

I know it, you know it, why bother pretending?

Source: The Chive

2. Duck and cover

Who are you trying to protect at this point?

Source: The Chive

1. Bath boss

Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Source: The Chive

Those memes are dolla dolla bills, ya’ll. Again, not literally.

If memes were money which ones would be worth the most?

Tell us in the comments.