There are all kinds of apps and even built in OS features on phones now that will break down exactly how much you’ve been looking at the thing and in what capacities and for what purposes.

Tracking screen time seems to be a very weird thing our generation is into. We gather this information, we treat it as though it means something, we monitor it as though to ensure we are moderating, but the truth is, we do nothing with the data obtained.

Except keep looking at it. And marveling at it. On a screen.

In the spirit of that, how about you keep looking at your screen a little longer today and enjoy these funny tweets from nowish!

10. The food

Hey it’s more calories than some people get in a day in this world.

9. Nevermore

I wonder what he’d think of the whole goth vibe that he inspired.

8. Make me melt

Well dang, bring on another ice age.

7. Shrimp cocktail

These are getting out of control.

6. Contact

And the band played on.

5. Adaptation

It’s really what he had meant to write all along.

4. Nathan for you

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been behind pretty much everything.

3. Half and half

You are a monster and you need to go to prison.

2. Toy Story

I was a grown man when I saw this and it still terrified me.

1. Time to stop

Oops, that’s enough for now.

And with that, it’s time to stop looking at this particular screen and start looking at a different one. You know. For my health.

What’s your screen time like? Do you actually do anything about it?

Tell us in the comments.