Tweets are tiny little time capsules. And there are, I don’t know, trillions of them?

Who will be the one to open these in future? Will anyone? Or will these capsules, once aged sufficiently prove entirely too hard to swallow?

We can’t know. There’s just no way to know.

But for now, we can remember a few of them by experiencing them. Which I guess isn’t really remembering so much as it is just looking at stuff.

Ok, we’re in the weeds, nevermind, just enjoy these memorable tweets.

10. Just a movie

Search this text on Twitter and prepare to scroll through literally thousands of variations.

9. It’s the crunch

Remember when we were all making Cinnamon Toast Crunch jokes?

8. The goodest boi

It’s not what I paid for, but who could possibly complain?

7. The catio

Catio, oh catio, wherefore art thou catio?

6. Too soon

“Sure, I’ll give it a shot.” – Lincoln, probably

5. Just wondering

If this were me I’d text back that I was the dead body for sure.

4. Parting of the waters

Can’t wait to see what Gen Z does with the other plagues and miracles.

3. Sponge cake

Who lives in a grocery store, far far from me?

2. Little foot

Now why did you have to go and bring that up again?

1. Oops!

Super interested to know what sense future historians will be able to make out of this one.

Look at all those memories we just made. Let’s cherish them and keep them with us for hours.

What’s your favorite memory you’ve made as of late?

Tell us in the comments.