2020 sure has been a crazy year. And at the time I sit here writing this, it’s only about halfway over. Still, for all the horrors, I am confident (or maybe I should say hopeful) that one day, we will be able to look back on a lot of this and laugh. Or we could just do that right now using memes. That sounds more fun than doing all that waiting.

These 15 memes encapsulate 2020 in the perfectly awful way it deserves.

15. Howdy howdy howdy

That moment when you realize that you are the snake in your boot.

14. Summer memories

Mostly I just looked at memes like this.

13. Academic achievements

You’ll be a college graduate by 80.

12. Oh the places you won’t go

Seriously it’s not that hard.

11. Hindsight is…

I think when this is all over we should eliminate the number.

10. Keeping up with the Jones’

Quit being a show-off with your clean laundry, Sharon.

9. Changing standards

Survival is the new sexy.

8. Time flies

The theory of relativity states that this whole year can suck it.

7. Body image

The old school CRT TV gets me every time.

6. Chill pills

It’s a good thing.

5. Modern art

Lie back and wait for the end.

4. Face the facts

You still look beautiful to me.

3. That’s the spirit

I was gonna say nobody’s gonna be partying on Halloween this year but this is America, of course we will.

2. King of crap

Behold, my treasures.

1. Tan lines

We’re all kind of Spiderman now?

Now if only we could be looking back on this instead of currently living it. Ah well. Memes will get us through.

What’s your favorite 2020 meme?

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