Raise your hand if your year is going exactly how you’d planned. If any of you have your hands raised right now, I have a long and very important series of followup questions, such as, “Why?” and “How?” and “What are you hiding?”

I don’t think any of us are living the dream right now. But we are living the meme, by which I mean that there are, at least, some good memes to be had from this situation.

15. Like a good neighbor

She sounds hideous.

14. Follow your dreams

Anybody with a sweet dirt bike can’t be doing that bad.

13. Face your fears

But what if my nose itches?

12. Progression

I’m doing great, why do you ask?

11. Job search

“What would you say is your biggest weakness?”

10. In the money

Wow thanks I’m set for life.

9. One leg at a time

Yeah this is gonna be an uphill battle.

8. Food therapy

The hunger knows no bounds.

7. Get with the times

Gotta keep up with current trends.

6. In hiding

It puts the Gatorade in the basket.

5. Flying low

Well well well, how the turntables have…

4. Midnight snack

Whatever, nobody’s looking.

3. Happy hours

It’s always 5:00 now.

2. I not OK

(I promise.)

1. Proceed with caution

I’ve always been more of an indoor human anyway.

Hope these made you feel a little better about your day and your situation. Hang in there, we got this!

How are you holdin’ up?

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