Some eras have historic speeches to mark them. Great figures to define them. Novels and records to immortalize them. What do we have with which to leave our mark on history? We have memes. So, I think it’s safe to say, we win.

If there’s ever another Voyager-style space probe sent out with a gold plate containing samples of human culture, I hope it’s just wall-to-wall memes. There’s really no better way to express the here and now. These are 15 memes in particular that do that very well. Enjoy.

15. There’s a fire in my heart

14. The evil eye

13. You had ONE job

12. Einstein did say time is relative

11. Squad goals

10. Restaurant salsa is just better somehow

9. Home Alone 5: Finally

8. Who needs hugs when you got nugs

7. She bangs, she bangs

6. That Gecko can f*** off

5. A killer idea

4. I already did this before, so

3. Hey all you cool cats and kittens

2. What rhymes with “unmitigated disaster?”

1. I’m Not Crochet (I Promise)

Memes so historically relevant they really deserve to be chiseled into some mountains, or at the very least some stylish stone tablets.

What meme do you think defines this era?

Tell us in the comments.