No matter how hard of a day you’ve had, memes are always there for you. Waiting. On your computer. Not judging, demanding nothing, just ready to be enjoyed. Memes are the true heroes of society. And those who make them are the heroes of…those heroes. I think my metaphor is falling apart here. But lucky for me, I don’t have to think about that too hard, because memes understand.

Here are 15 completely random memes to lift your spirits!

15. Spider kid

Spider kid, spider kid,
Does whatever a spider did,
Leaves a bed,
Any size,
Hits his head,
Freakin’ cries

14. Safety first

Wrap it up or prepare for third row seating.

13. Golden prairies

I’ve been pouring over this picture for a while now…

12. Job training

What’s worse is that I’m usually not even paid for it.

11. Bovine canines

Sit Moo Moo, sit. Good dog.

10. Failure to launch

I know I can do it. I just also know I really don’t wanna.

9. AUX cord atrocities

Anybody who doesn’t truly appreciate Rebecca Black is not a real member of my family.

8. Cool moves

Show me your secrets, fridge…

7. Tech gone mad

This was far more disturbing, tbh.

6. Watch yourself

It’s a time for reflection.

5. Money to my name

Your true legacy lies in what you will be called.

4. Portion control

I knew that one day fractions would pay off.

3. Hello pillow

It’s a never-ending pursuit.

2. Out of my shell

Any turtle is a snapping turtle if they try hard enough.

1. The sacred texts

“Hmm…according to this…you’re both idiots.”

It’s like crashing into a big pillowy couch after a long day of work. Memes are all the creature comforts we need a lot of the time; thank goodness we live in the era in which they are plentiful.

What’s your favorite place to find memes?

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