You ever seen a meme that causes you to make a new noise? Like, it’s not quite a normal laugh, or a guffaw, but kind of just an unexpected blurt of squeaky joy that makes everybody in the room stop and look at you like you’re a medical anomaly?

No? Just me? Well, monitor your reactions to these memes closely, because I think you’ll find at least one or two that will make you surprise yourself.

15. I only had one

14. Stop, he’s self-conscious

13. Let the spirit move you

12. I’m not mad, I’m dissa-furious

11. This joke is older than time and it’s still great

10. People are so ungrateful

9. Hot take

8. Scales for scale

7. [annoyed grunt]

6. I have priorities, Linda

5. Who says you can’t have fun at home?

4. They’re on paw patrol

3. The leg is the AC unit of the body

2. A state of wedded bliss

1. Dog the booty hunter

So, what were your results? Any laughs? Guffaws? Chuckles? Snickers? Giggles? Snorts? Indescribable noises?

Please note your findings in the comments.

This is for science.