Is it just one of those days where the coffee isn’t doin’ it for ya? Where your get up and go has got up and left? Are you looking for something to give you that boost that you need to get down to business? If so, you should consider MEMES™. MEMES™ have been clinically proven* to reduce stress and increase productivity, as well as detoxify and revitalize your brain parts!

Take these 15 samples today, and then ask your doctor if MEMES™ are right for you!

*complete lies

15. Pop up

You keep your hands off of him.

14. You coulda had a bald b*th

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

13. My bubbles!

Everything OK over there, guys?

12. A day that will live in infantry

Press F in the chat to pay receptacles.

11. New math

Make a good seal before you blow.

10. Blaze it

As nature intended.

9. Hello there

You were the chosen one!

8. Self-reflection

Oh you know he’s gonna tweet about this.

7. I can dig it

What they found will absolutely floor you.

6. Cheetah Cheetah People Eater

Welp, we had a good run.

5. Strong willed

Well, well, well, Will do we have here?

4. My immortal

She will outlive her own Kingdom.

3. Dat ass

I can very easily say no to him.

2. Oh no!

Kid, I just saw the last post, and I have a feeling you’re going to be very unpopular.

1. Fanfic

These shared cinematic universes are getting out of hand.

Side effects of MEMES™ may include laughter, over-tagging, facepalming, and scrolliosis.

What’s your favorite place to get hooked up with memes?

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