Do you need to break free, but you can’t and that’s why you’re staring at a screen right now?

Well what if I told you that you could break free THROUGH that screen to a land of wonder!

I mean, don’t literally break your screen. If you did already, we’re not liable for that, you really should get a fuller context on things before you act so aggressively. All we meant is that we’ve got some memes, and memes are a sort of freedom. That’s why “meme” rhymes with “free.”

What do you mean it doesn’t?

Well, it should.

15. Pile on

Naturally occuring Keanus are simply beautiful.

14. Again again

RIP the only thing in a bunch of people’s Netflix lists.

13. I do

“I understand, much to my horror, that the couple have written their own vows.”

12. I swear

I learned it from watching you!

11. Payday

Lol like any of us are ever gonna know.

10. Biting back

If I fits, I turns into defensive fort.

9. The blessed snoot

Boop me father, for I am cutes.

8. What big eyes you have

It’s cool that we all accept the talking wolf but draw the line at ineffective disguises.

7. Keep up

I’m not the boss of me.

6. Any other

This is very much me, I’m not even sure how old I am at this point.

5. Surprise cuisine

Those little guys are really going places.

4. Can’t cut it

Yeah, well, we also get to live like four times longer now, so, I’ll take it.

3. Level up

Maybe his ways aren’t so much mysterious as they are just ill-thought out?

2. Try, try again

Dang girl, fine, stay in bed then.

1. The gift of gab

This is going well already.

I certainly feel more free now.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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