The internet was made for memes, and memes were made mostly for cats, so today we’ve got a collection of memes, which are largely of cats, that we’re posting to the internet for you to enjoy. It’s as simple and elegant as that.

Enjoy these fifteen random and largely cat-tastic memes.

15. The cutest little puke

Cats just kinda don’t give a single care about nuthin’.

14. Homeward bound

He’s clearly had enough.

13. Sonic contrasts

Everything is welcome here.

12. Don’t get crabby

Man, remember buffets?

11. Bad news

Well this just got freaky in a whole different way.

10. Ready to pounce

“As soon as I learn to read it’s over for you humans.”

9. Sit and fit

I will blame the dryer until the day I die.

8. A proper lady

It’s called class, look it up sweetie.

7. Meet your fate

Never thought the destroyer of destiny would be such a chonk.

6. The write stuff

Get out.

5. Work smarter

Maybe he’s just board.

4. On your mark, get set…

Watching that clock stay on 4:59 for twelve years somehow.

3. Spin me a yarn

But there’s more…there’s always so much more…

2. Attack mode


1. The purfect companion

You gotta be more specific with your life advice.

Hilarious. Adorable. This is why the information superhighway exists in the first place.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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