Were you not looking at memes for a second? Thank God I found you. You need your daily dose to pass the time.

Here, take these. It’s dangerous to go alone.

You’re welcome.

15. Nod and smile

14. “Much weather we’re having.”

13. My backup plan!

12. Deal with it

11. “Yes, this is a phone.”

10. Every damn night

9. Everybody’s got a breaking point

8. Pass

7. Dogs have very sophisticated taste

6. I’m British

5. Is there Life Laugh Love after death?

4. Shoot your shot

3. Time to go

2. The urge to chime in is real

1. I’ll stick to the 1,500 close friends I’ve already got

Which one of these did you love? Or like? Or was mildly amused by?

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